Chocolate Lover’s Workshop


February 12th, 2019 6-8pm


February 12th, 2019 6-8pm

Chocolate contains over 500 flavor components.  That is more than twice the amount found in vanilla or strawberry. Chocolate’s unique aroma, flavor, and of course melt-in-your mouth texture provides a satisfaction that few foods can.  In this chocolate-lover’s workshop, taste the difference in milk, semisweet, bittersweet and white chocolate. Then learn how best to use each of them in cooking and baking.


In this hands-on class, students will build on skills and techniques along with tasting of premium chocolates, melting chocolate using different methods, working with ganache, tempering chocolate and dipping fruit in chocolate.


Bring a bottle of wine to enjoy (suggested Red; Pinot Noir) and taste the flavor components come to life!