Date Night That’s Amore  (Italian Favorites and Homemade Pasta) 


September 26th 2020 6-8pm


Saturday, September 26th 2020

The flavor and delightful texture of biting into a smooth, rich, filled homemade ravioli is indescribable. In this class we will show you some fantastic food pairings to make a wonderful filling for sensational raviolis.  Also learn how to make your own pasta sheets and how to utilize fresh pasta from none other than the Lexington Pasta Company.  Learn boiling methods, sauteing, and all the “how-to’s” to homemade raviolis! Bonus recipes include whole roasted garlic and homemade pesto!  This class teaches you simple techniques, flavor combinations and go to authentic Italian dishes you can prepare any night of the week.  Now That’s Amore!