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Night with Guest Chef Gerron Hurt


Friday, August 30th 2019

Master Chef  Season 9 Winner Gerron Hurt


Friday, August 30th 6-9pm

Meet and cook with MasterChef Season 9 Winner, Gerron Hurt.

Gerron Hurt is a former teacher turned MasterChef Season 9 winner. He grew up in Louisville, KY with a huge influence from his late mother’s cooking inspiration. During his college career, he continued to cook and make dishes for his friends. When the opportunity came to audition for MasterChef, with family support, he decided to take his chances. Months later he found himself being announced by Gordon Ramsey as MasterChef Season 9 winner. It has been a rapid road ever since. Chef Gerron loves incorporating his cooking skills and educational background with influencing others to have fun cooking and creating their own unique recipes through his subscription-based website. He now resides in the greater Nashville area with his fiancé and continues to travel for appearances and speaking engagements.

Food is that one common denominator that binds humanity together. Enjoy this collection of recipes that are inspired by my family as well as my MasterChef Family! – Chef Gerron

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