Plant Powered Living and Cooking without Oil


Tuesday, August 10th 6pm-8pm

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Have you been thinking about living a more plant based lifestyle?  Join us for a nutritious, delicious, and extremely informative class with our special guest April May Health and learn how and why eliminating oil in your diet can lead to optimal health!  A low-fat, plant-based, oil-free diet has been shownto provide optimal heart and weight benefits, while animal products and high-fat foods, such as oil, have been shown to cause negative effects.

On average, cooking oils contains 120 calories per tablespoon and roughly 13-14 grams of fat depending on the oil. Plus, many of these oils can go rancid quite quickly due to incorrect storage.

Even olive oil has been shown to have negative effects on heart health while whole sources of healthy fats, such as walnuts, have been shown to provide benefits.

Remember, much like refined sugar or refined flour, oil is hard to make naturally in the kitchen (plus, as we know, none of these options are healthy). But we also know that oil is a very easy and convenient ingredient to cook with. Instead, try these five tips and you’ll see just how simple and delicious your oil-free meals can be!

Note: This is a sampling class and you will receive recipes and tips for plant based cooking.