Session Four: Little Chef’s In Training


June 22nd-26th  9am-2pm Ages 5-7


Session Five: Little Chef’s In Training                                 June 22nd-26th

This camp is for our Kiddie Kapers  ages 5-7. In this camp we feature a daily story that is related to food and the day is filled with recipes and crafts that campers will prepare based around the story.  Example:  “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” – campers will prepare Spaghetti and Meatballs for lunch make paper umbrellas, learn about making fresh pasta, etc.”  “Dragons love Tacos- kids will go on a scavenger hunt for taco ingredients, make their own cheese quesadillas, make their own Chinese dragon crafts, and much more”  We will also be experimenting in the kitchen and enjoying some delicious creations through the combination of chemistry and biology. This camp is specifically designed for the younger taste buds with age appropriate activities, table setting and etiquette, emphasis on trying new foods, and healthy nutrition basics introducing the importance of “Eating the Rainbow.”  The time frame for this camp is from 9am-2pm ; however, aftercare is available.

Non Refundable Registration Fee : $15.00

After care is available for each camp starting with drop off time starting at 8am and pick up time at 5pm for an additional $75.00 per week.

Camp sessions are limited to no more than 20 spaces

Camp fees are not refundable, but with sufficient advance notice (35 days or more), we will gladly move your camper to another camp session or apply the session fees to our regular CIT classes.  Camp reservation is confirmed upon our receipt of a completed enrollment form and payment of tuition.