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Virtual Learning Center

Wild thyme virtual learning center & cooking pod

“Are you struggling to find a safe and reliable solution for your child’s virtual learning?

“Zoom or Google classrooms have you stressed since you work away from home?”

“Work out of the home and stressed about where & how your children will do their virtual learning? “

Wild thyme cooking is proud to offer to Lexington and the surrounding Fayette county area, our Virtual Learning Center and Cooking Pod.

Your children will have a safe and structured routine with supervision during zoom and google classroom sessions. In addition, we will provide daily lunch and snacks,  hands-on cooking classes, physical education and meditation to teach students healthy mental habits and awareness,  and most of all we will provide a fun and nurturing environment with safe social distancing practices.

All employees are CPR certified, proper background checks are performed, and COVID screening & negative tests are required.

Prior to daily entry, each child will have a temperature check and receive a routine Covid screening.  We encourage all families to provide a recent negative Covid test prior to the start.

Hours for the learning center are 8:30am-3:00pm daily and aftercare until 5pm is available for an additional $30 per day.  AgeA range is from 8 and up.


Single day:  $75
Two days/ week: $145
Three days/ week: $210
Weekly: $350
Monthly: $1300

Availability is limited and our group size is limited to 15 children or less per day.  Our facility is over 2000 square feet in an open studio with work stations and proper social distancing of 6ft or more is enforced.

Monthly packages receive priority,  availability is on a first come first serve basis.

Sibling discount: 10% of standard rate

UK employee discount: 5% of standard rate

Medical professionals/essential workers: 5% of standard rate


For more information please call our store or click below to email and a staff member  will contact you to discuss availability and your child’s specific needs.